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Message from our President.

Rotary in Great Britain and Internationally is recognised as an organisation of generous charity support, combined with local community care.
Having lived and worked in St Albans my entire life, and recently retired as a local pharmacist, I am looking forward to leading our Rotary Club through these difficult times.
We are determined and enthusiastic to recruit new members to share our pastoral duties with the local community and international recipients. Interested persons can contact us via the "Get Involved" page of this website

- Derek Evans

Meet Fellow Rotarians

Supporting Local Charities

The emergence of Covid19 has caused the cancellation of numerous fund raising events. This has had serious consequences for Charities. In May the Rotary Clubs in St Albans were forced to abandon their Charity Cycle Ride, Golf day and other activities aimed at raising funds. The Hospice of St Francis and Youth Talk were among the proposed beneficiaries. Please consider donating to these organisations directly or through the donation button on this site.

The Hospice of St Francis

Based in Berkhamstead it 'helps people with a range of diseases including Cancer, Motor Neurone Diisease, Dementia and other life threatening illnesses'. They provide free care including one to one appointments, group sessions and 24/7 care in their own beds. Visits are also made to patients in their own homes.

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Youth Talk

Provides free 'one to one Counselling, group sessions and information' for young people from 13 to 25yrs old. They specialise in counselling people with a range of problems including depression, self harm, eating disorders and other issues with their mental health.

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Young Photographer Competition

The Young Photographer Competition is a well-established and successful competition organised and promoted by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (Rotary GB&I).

There are three stages to the competition, each designed to support and encourage the development of photographic skills. Some stages may have more than one round.

Express yourself by putting your photographer skills to the test in this annual Competition by submitting THREE digital photographs and a brief description of the picture. You may use a phone.

The Theme for 2020/2021 is WILD NATURE. Entries close Jan. 2021

To register and receive the entry form and information pack, email: rotaryinstalbans@gmail.com Please state your age as at 31st August 2020 as there are three different age categories.

Read More Register Here

Rotary Young Photographer Competition

Rotary Technology Tournament 2019

Congratulations to St Albans High School who won the "Foundation" category, to Roundwood Park who won the "Intermediate" category and to Marlborough winners of the "Advanced" category (shown in the photo) for more details and photos click here

Rotary Charity Golf Day Raises Funds for St Albans Special Olympics

Our charity golf day raised over £4500 for St Albans Special Olympics. The photo shows our President Arthur Woolgar presenting the cheque.

There are many ways to get involved with Rotary:

About St Albans Verulamium

Our Club Emblem - Venus

We are one of three Rotary clubs in St Albans and take our name from the roman city of Verulamium founded on the ancient celtic site of Verlamion - “settlement above the marsh”. After the Roman invasion of AD43, it was renamed Verulamium and became the third largest Roman city in Britain.

Our club emblem is a bronze statue of Venus found in the excavations of the 1930’s by Mortimer Wheeler and is housed in the wonderful museum of Verulamium. Read More