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The Community Service Committee identifies and supports the needs of Local charities in the St Albans area. Our support is usually by financial donations. Over the last 5 years we have donated over £100.000 to organisations involved with Disabled Children, Domestic Abuse, Young Homeless, Mental Health problems, The Elderly, Counselling, and others.

Charities recently supported include:

  • Grove House Hospice
  • Herts Young Homeless
  • St Albans Women's Refuge
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care
  • Hospice of St Francis
  • Homestart
  • Youth Talk
  • MacMillan Nurses
  • Centre 33
  • Keech Hospice Care
  • Earthworks
  • Mind in Mid Herts
  • The Tiffin Club (HAWA)
  • Playskill
  • Rennie Grove

We also provide funds for Health Visitors to buy Christmas presents for needy children.

We are involved in volunteering within the community. Last year, for example, we partnered with the local Earthworks in environmental work including planting 5000 crocuses. A couple of years ago we formed a work group to clean up discarded rubbish on a local footpath.

Each year take a group of children from the local School for the deaf to Whipsnade Zoo.

The St Albans Macular Group which supports those suffering from Age Related Macular Degeneration was formed out of our Rotary Club and involves a number of our members and partners in running the club and its regular meetings and visits. There are approximately 70 members of the Group who regularly have over 40 members at their monthly meetings

In all cases involving our support we want to be sure that we satisfy a real need and make a difference. Feedback suggests we are succeeding.

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Geoff Beale

Community Chair

Geoff Beale



We take action locally and globally. Each day, our members pour their passion, integrity, and intelligence into completing projects that have a lasting impact. We persevere until we deliver real, lasting solutions.