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Message from our President.

It is my honour to be the President of St Albans Verulamium Rotary Club which has been working within St. Albans for over 45 years.. This year we look forward to welcoming new members join us to help continue raising money & servicing the local community.

- Nitesh Joshi

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Presidents social distancing handshake

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About St Albans Verulamium

Our Club Emblem - Venus

We are one of three Rotary clubs in St Albans and take our name from the roman city of Verulamium founded on the ancient celtic site of Verlamion - “settlement above the marsh”. After the Roman invasion of AD43, it was renamed Verulamium and became the third largest Roman city in Britain.

Our club emblem is a bronze statue of Venus found in the excavations of the 1930’s by Mortimer Wheeler and is housed in the wonderful museum of Verulamium. Read More