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International Service

Rotary is an international organisation. There are Rotary clubs throughout the world.

Our Club decided many years ago that we would use a significant part of the money we raise to support international charities and projects. Projects we support must benefit many people. We also try to have a good geographical spread and make sure that the money we donate makes a real difference. So we investigate projects where the financial scale isn't too large. In an ideal situation we have personal contact with the organisation that we are supporting and get good feedback about how the money has been spent.

Currently we are supporting:

Period Poverty Project – Dar es Salaam

We have partnered with the Rotary Club Of Dar es Salaam in this project. Our donation of £1000 will assist in the provision of sanitary products to schoolgirls who would not otherwise gat them and who miss out on Education for a few days each month. This leads to girl students falling behind in their studies and effectively ending their educational aspirations. Only 8% of girls in Tanzania finish secondary school and go on to further education. This is seen as a major waste of future management talent. The project is supported and promoted by East Africa TV the country’s National Broadcaster.


A small UK charity doing big things. They provide fresh drinking water from village pumps for poor rural communities in Africa. We have pledged £1000 which will allow the charity to purchase a solar power pump for a new well they are digging in Bissau .They are also setting up a womens market garden group and a micro savings scheme.

Examples of other charities we have supported in the past and continue to support on a regular basis:

  • ShelterBox
  • Khandelight
  • Spotlight on Africa
  • Farm Africa - working with marginalised women who farm goats in South Omo in Ethiopia. Amounts are doubled by UK Aid
  • Practical Action - working with "Planting for Progress" for subsistence farmers in Zimbabwe .
  • Land with Care.
  • STAR- St Albans Refugees*- assisting refugees from Yemen, Syria and Uganda
  • The Jaipur Limb project - which provides prostheses for those who have lost a leg due to mines or other reasons.
  • Mary's Meals - providing meals to some of the world's poorest children.


Bob Newton


Bob Newton



We take action locally and globally. Each day, our members pour their passion, integrity, and intelligence into completing projects that have a lasting impact. We persevere until we deliver real, lasting solutions.