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Visits and Exchanges


Our Rotary Club has a special relationship with the Rotary Club of Höör, in southern Sweden. We have an annual exchange with them which has been going on almost as long as our Club has been in existence. Their website is at https://www.rotary.se/hoor/home/

We visit each other yearly. One year they come here to St Albans, the next some of us visit them in Sweden. Visits last four days and are highlights in the yearly calendar of both Clubs. We host the Swedes and their partners in our own homes and they do likewise during our visits. The host Club organises a four day package of activities with visits to places of interest, dinners, games (serious and otherwise) and time for relaxation. In recent years the groups have been mid-twenties in number both ways.

Wonderful friendships have grown up around these visits. They are mostly in mid May to early June.

Other visits

We often organise one-off visits to other Clubs in other parts of the UK and occasionally elsewhere. Last year we visited Guernsey one weekend in March. Previously we have been to Dublin, Belfast, Cork Dun Laoghire, Galway, Limerick and Glasgow. These are normally short weekend visits built around the Rotary contact of our two Clubs. Most years we will visit somewhere and a group of us will go.

All Rotarians are welcome to visit other Clubs in any part of the world. Clubs often exchange their Rotary banners during such visits and our vast collection of Club banners is on display during our weekly Tuesday meetings.

Visits and ExchangesVisits and Exchanges



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