Youth Service provides opportunities for young people to develop their skills.

Rotary Technology Tournament

Five schools and 88 students took part in this year’s Rotary Technology Tournament. It was won at the advanced level by a team from Marlborough Science Academy. Jake Callaghan, Anthony Muller, Noa Kusman and Tommy Day (pictured) presented the best solution to the problem. Teams from Roundwood Park School won the Foundation and Intermediate prizes.

Rotary Young Chef Competition

Our Rotary Young Chef Competition will be held this year on Wednesday 14th November at Oaklands College. Participation is invited from all St Albans Secondary Schools.

Contestants have the task of preparing a two course meal for two people. Three professional chefs are the judges. The competition is the first stage in a National competition that proceeds through four stages to a final. If your school seems not to be participating you can apply direct to

Youth Speaks

Together with the other two Rotary Clubs in St Albans we shall be organising the local heat of Youth Speaks, a Rotary national public-speaking competition for young people aged 11 to 18.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

We seek young people every year that could benefit from our sponsorship to attend RYLA, a weekend of outdoor teamwork and leadership exercises.

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